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    Supernatural: A lifestyle of walking naturally as sons of God

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    Hunger: A daily leaning and longing for more of God

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    Being authentic in fullness of love

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    The Presence of God in a lifestyle of Worship

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In His presence love to live! We were born to dwell in the presence of GOD. We were born to live from this place of intimacy with the Father. In His presence is liberty and power to live lives outward. In His presence friendships are built, celebrated, honoured and cherished. Where there is honour, the supernatural is released. In His presence there is fullness of joy!

The world is hungry for Life, for genuine powerful Love, for the Answer to the cynicism the world's media might sometimes encourage. How does the living Saviour of our hope see the world around us, how does He want to enjoy His Bride, the church, in this world.  

The church is assigned NOT to long-suffering and securing laws BUT to pulling down heaven and establishing our Father's Kingdom on earth. We are made to hear His heartbeat and move in the supernatural, to witness signs and wonders, and to establish His vision for every place our feet may find.

What does the vision of our creative and colourful Father involve? It involves FuN, passion, being real in love, and intimately experiencing every detail of our Father's heart. This is available to us today! This is at the core of worship and the heartbeat of Breakthrough City Church; this is where revival breaks out without restraint, the spirit of the revivalist. Revival is caught in the heart of the individual, stirring up a passion to see family, friends, colleagues and cities step into their full inheritance in Jesus.






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