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We desire to centre everything we do around God’s Presence and Build a Culture of Revival!

This is our Burning desire and passionate pursuit.

We believe that God builds with Design, Family and not loose connections, and that He wants to Add people who are Called to our church family who are the right “building material” for what He has mandated us as a Spiritual House to do.

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WE ARE MOVING to a new site!

Through supernatural provision and in divine timing, God has opened up a piece of land for us to call our own and build a venue on! We have been standing on the promise in Isaiah 54 as a church for 5 years and now we invite you to be a part of this unfolding testimony 💥

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There are some things I experience for Breakthrough City Church and for the body of Christ for 2022. What I see in the spirit that God is busy doing right now, is a Revealing that is taking place of some things that we don’t like to see in our lives. 2021 has been an Exposing of things in our lives, like lies and things keeping us back from going further and I see that God is doing a Spring Cleaning in our lives and in the body of Christ. Spring cleaning is not bad, it’s awesome, because it’s where God says, “I am moving all the couches.” In the vision I am busy seeing, big, loose carpets are getting lifted up. Because of the ‘Journey’, a lot of dust get held in carpets and only when the carpet is lifted can you see that there is a lot of dirt underneath.

The Revealing is not to embarrass or hurt us, but God is busy exposing things in order to redeem them and give us breakthrough in our lives. I see that God is busy exposing things not to harm or shame us, but to bring us into a place of purity and holiness. Some things that are going to be revealed in the body of Christ in the coming months and into 2022, will not be nice. The Word of God says that judgement starts first in the House of God and I see that the judgement of God in the house of God is not for condemnation, but for Restoration. I believe that there is a Restoration that God wants to bring in the Body. The Spirit of God is saying to me that there is a Refreshing that He is wanting to bring about in the body of Christ, that in 2022 we will experience a refreshing – like a spring cleaning taking place. This often isn’t nice with the things we see, but it is actually a cleansing. 2022 will be a year of cleansing that will start to take place. Many of us have felt stepped on and carry the “dust” of life situations. God wants to refresh, cleanse and lift the burdens we carry. Dust free living is what He has for us.

What I also see is that we are going to start to see and step into a dynamic and Shift in the way that our Corporate meetings happen. An Emphasis will start to come in a specific thing of Worship. There will be more intense times and Encountering with God in times of worship. I feel that there is a release coming in terms of worship and a longing in the bride and in the church for this Intimacy and this worship. I see that there is going to be an increase in corporate and individual times of worship, that there is this really intimate place of purity and holiness and times of worship that will take place. It’s going to be during Sunday corporate meetings and other times when we meet – times of dwelling and enjoying the presence of God in times of worship. There is going to be an increase in the body of Christ. These times of worship are going to be very key for what God is taking the body of Christ into. There is going to be a greater anointing and a greater grace and with this anointing and grace, there is a wind of refreshing that is coming to the body of Christ, where people have felt really miserable.

I see new technology being downloaded. New technology will come in the natural as well. There will be natural new inventions, new technology – specific, fresh new things. I’m getting a picture of roller coasters – it can be very fearful, but also quite amazing and exhilarating. I’m seeing in this vision that there is this new technology almost of roller coaster, meaning the way things will move will be in exhilaration, excitement and enjoyment and not in fear. Next year will be a thing not of fear, but it might feel like a roller coaster. There might be these highs and lows, but it will be a year of exhilaration. The way things will happen will be different to the way we normally do things. The seating on this picture I see of the roller coaster going upwards is very different to the normal seating. Very multi-dimensional things start to happen. [This] year will not be a predictable year – it will be an exhilarating year.

It will be something where we are exhilarated because we are on a journey with the One – the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I feel that God is going to take us into exhilarating times. In the ups and downs there will be a refreshing. The momentum and movement of 2022 will be part of the spring cleaning and refreshing. There are these winds that are blowing through the body of Christ. Adverse winds give us the ability to fly higher. They are going to be blowing and exposing and removing all the dust and imperfections that God is actually busy dealing with. It is for restoration and not condemnation or shame. I feel a New Strength that is coming to the body of Christ in 2022. Amen!

– BCC Prophetic Word for 2022 (Charl Rautenbach, 21 Nov 2021)

In 2018 approximately a thousand boys choose life in Jesus Christ. This is just one testimony of the revival God is bringing to Bloemfontein and RSA.

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Bank: ABSA
Account Name: Breakthrough City Church
Type: Cheque
Account No.: 4066740531
Branch/ Code: Brandwag, Bloemfontein/ 632005

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Level 1

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  • Level 1 consists of 7 lessons
  • We will do 1 lesson a week for 7 weeks on Tuesday nights, starting on 23 June (with intro on 16 June)
  • This will be live via Zoom from 7pm (between 20-30min max)
  • There will be a 15-20min “teaching” you will need to listen to before each live session (details to come)
  • Notes will be sent online and there is no cost (you just need access to wifi or data)
  • Teaching topics covered on this level will include why and how we build in the Spirit and developing our internal spirit dynamics
  • Practical “practice” will be done online with homework assignments to cement learning