Charl and Annelize are the founders of Breakthrough City Church in Bloemfontein, South Africa. They have both been involved in the ministry since the age of 21.

They carry the apostolic mandate to establish governing churches and to create an atmosphere of revival culture.

Charl and Annelize are blessed with a daughter, Sarah-Leigh.


David and Sylvia Mokoena have been part of Breakthrough City Church from its early days. They have an apostolic grace upon their lives.

They have grown and served in their passion to see revival and disciple people in Christ-likeness and minister translocally to raise leaders and teams that carry Kingdom purpose.

Their children, Siyabonga and Hlononofatso, serve with them.


Candice is part of the pastoral staff at Breakthrough City Church. She has been involved in ministry for many years. Her passion for children and pioneering spirit has reformed how we do children’s church.

The teaching grace upon her life is a great strength to the body of Christ.

Matthew 6:10 – “On earth as it is in Heaven.”

A people hungry to encounter God and nurture His presence, to see world-wide revival!

Raising up pioneers that make a highway for others to follow in a revival lifestyle, in order to transform every place of society on planet Earth!

Breakthrough City Church has been mandated with having and being an A.R.M.:

  • Apostolic Base: A strong, well-built home base, which governs in the spirit – in the city, region, country and nations to which we are sent. It facilitates an open Heaven and carries the culture of revival.

  • Resource Centre: Here, people serve and are equipped and trained for ministry in their respective fields and spheres of influence, such as the creative arts, business, etc. This includes walking in the supernatural and demonstrating the Kingdom!

  • Missions Thrust: We have a passion for the nations and desire to see, through urban, rural, local and trans-local missions, every domain of society transformed and reformed to Heaven’s blueprint: education, family, arts (entertainment) & science, media, government, church (religion) and business.

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PRESENCE — The Presence of God is our highest priority, not only in our meetings, but in our daily life, for this is where we have been designed to live from. We need to interact with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit intimately and not merely know them as a theology (John 5:39-40; John 15). Awareness of His presence is what we need to nurture and carry daily, as this will influence the atmospheres we create and are in.

HUNGER — A daily leaning in to and longing for more of God is a personal responsibility. Hunger pulls on Heaven, bringing it down to Earth! It is a Kingdom principle that the hungrier we are, the hungrier we will become – we will always be wanting more of God and His presence as we feast on it. (Matthew 5:3)
WORSHIP — Worship is a spirit and a lifestyle of a heart in awe, awareness and adoration of the One. God doesn’t need our worship, but He is looking for those whose hearts are truly set on Him (John 4:23-24). One of the things that continued in the New Testament, which transferred through the cross from the Old Testament, is worship!
REVIVAL — Revival is not a meeting, but a culture and a lifestyle, also nurtured daily. Because we carry the spirit of revival (awareness of God’s presence and how it wants to break out through us – Matthew 6:10), we should see salvations, signs, miracles, wonders, healings, angelic intervention/visitation, transformation and reformation breaking out through our lives and in our city (Matthew 10:8) – in fact, wherever we go! It is a continual prioritising of God’s presence and agenda and living/ministering from that place.
AUTHENTIC — “What you see is what you get!” We are the same people everywhere we go, not performing in positions or putting on masks in public. We will not necessarily like everything about everybody or the way in which things might be done, but it is about prioritising genuine connection with people over our preferences. We are all growing in Christlikeness, but “love covers a multitude” (1 Peter 4:8) as “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17) – we need each other and this balance on the journey. We need to be real with each other and with God!
FAMILY — We live out a shared life in the family of God (Acts 2:42-47), intentionally building with others in the family and warmly welcoming visitors and those looking for a family to belong to. Our family is multiracial, multi-ethnic, multigenerational and of a variety of backgrounds and we value the uniqueness that every individual brings to the table. Our passion for legacy can only be lived out in this way.
LOVE — The source of love, God Himself, so loved the world that He gave (John 3:16, Luke 10:27). Anything we do needs to be deeply rooted in the Love that the Father is and motivated from that place. Love is the most powerful transformation key for our lives and especially the lives of His children, who have not yet discovered how much He loves them. And we are Love’s conduits.
SUPERNATURAL — We are called to walk in the supernatural, as a natural, daily lifestyle, as followers of Jesus (John 14:12). We are of a Heavenly Kingdom and our access to it enables us to demonstrate its power and purpose, just as Jesus did! Our minds need to be renewed in a Heavenly perspective, until even the impossible seems and becomes possible. This was the commission given to man in Genesis (Genesis 1:28) and renewed in Christ (Matthew 6:10). Earth must look like Heaven!
HONOUR — Honour is a Godly value that enables us to see everyone, even the most unlovable person, as created in the image of God – for who they are, rather than who they are not (Luke 7:36-50). Honour is a choice, something we give, and is a highly valued culture in the house. It influences our thoughts, words, openness and ability to connect with or receive from people. We don’t confuse this with respect, which we believe is earned.


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Bank: ABSA
Account Name: Breakthrough City Church
Type: Cheque
Account No.: 4066740531
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Bank: ABSA
Account Name: Breakthrough City Church
Type: Cheque
Account No.: 4066740531
Branch/ Code: Brandwag, Bloemfontein/ 632005

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Level 1

Please fill in your details if you are interested in this training,


  • Level 1 consists of 7 lessons
  • We will do 1 lesson a week for 7 weeks on Tuesday nights, starting on 23 June (with intro on 16 June)
  • This will be live via Zoom from 7pm (between 20-30min max)
  • There will be a 15-20min “teaching” you will need to listen to before each live session (details to come)
  • Notes will be sent online and there is no cost (you just need access to wifi or data)
  • Teaching topics covered on this level will include why and how we build in the Spirit and developing our internal spirit dynamics
  • Practical “practice” will be done online with homework assignments to cement learning